Typical drinks of Vaud

The fertile fields of the canton of Vaud nurture fruits, herbs and flowers from which the region’s artisans extract the juice and scents to create the best nectars. Hop-growing enthusiasts are also brewing more and more character beers, which are very popular in the region.

To quench their thirst with a delightful drink, the people of Vaud are spoiled for choice! Rich in flavours and vitamins, fruit juices (apple, pear, grape, raspberry, etc.) are pressed in sun-drenched orchards. Thus transformed, the fruit is also used to make aromatic brandies and refreshing syrups. In addition to fruit, herbs and flowers make delicious liqueurs and alcohol-free drinks, such as syrup of elderberries, which are traditionally picked in May. These healthy plants are grown in the foothills of the Alps and dried before being served as an infusion.
Less healthy, but more festive, craft beers have been popular for several years in the canton of Vaud, just like in the rest of Switzerland. Blonde, white, amber, brown, but also flavoured in ways that are sometimes surprising, they are brewed by enthusiasts and enjoyed by many fans all over the canton.

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