Pays-d’Enhaut Produits Authentiques

Situated in the Vaudois Alps, the Pays-d’Enhaut is an oasis of green pastures and fresh air, where cows are almost sacred. The sumptuous nature of the local produce has led to the creation of the brand of Pays-d’Enhaut Produits Authentiques, to guarantee their quality and provenance.

Registered by the Pays-d’Enhaut Région association in 1996, the regional brand of local products known as Pays-d’Enhaut Produits Authentiques fulfils economic, environmental and heritage objectives. Among the certified specialities, there are more than 60 cheeses and dairy products based on the high-quality milk from the cows which feed on the mountain grasses and flowers. But the brand also covers many meat products, sweets, condiments and drinks such as syrups and herbal teas made from Alpine plants.
To have the benefit of the Pays-d’Enhaut Produits Authentiques brand, producers must fulfil criteria compliant with those of the regional brands of French-speaking Switzerland, as well as independent certification managed by the OIC (Organisme Intercantonal de Certification, intercantonal certification organism). In particular, the following conditions must be met:
- Agricultural products, whether processed or not, must come from the Pays-d’Enhaut and be the produce of production methods that respect the environment and animals.
- Agricultural products, whether processed or not, are guaranteed free from genetically modified organisms and without artificial colouring, flavouring or flavour enhancers.
- Products are made in an artisan manner; they stem from a tradition or the use of an expertise which enjoys local reputation.
- Producers guarantee the traceability of agricultural products, whether processed or not, from retailers and all the way to consumers.
- All products are subject to quality control; the visual and taste quality of agricultural products, whether processed or not, is monitored by an independent tasting committee, under the responsibility of the regional brand.

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