Sirop de sureau

Elderberry flower syrup

Its fragrance recalls that of peaches and lychees, yet there is no need for exotic fruits to make a great Elderberry flower syrup! From harvesting to preparing, making this delicious beverage, which helps eliminate toxins and combat colds, is a lovely Vaudois tradition.

In the month of May, before transforming into clusters of small black berries, the flowers of the elderberry trees spread their fragrance. This is the time to take the time for a nice traditional harvesting family outing. As soon as the flowers are picked, they must be cleaned, the stalks removed and soaked in sweetened water. Everyone has their own favourite recipe (some people add lemon), but they are all delicious!
Once bottled, elderberry flower syrup is not only a delicious beverage but also used in desserts and cocktails with white wine or champagne! Diluted with water, this nectar makes a refreshing and detoxifying summer drink. In winter, it is enjoyed hot and helps to prevent colds.

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